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What we do

  • Site selection, evaluation, screening and environment analysis.
  • Government relations, policy research & interpretation and visa application process.
  • Business incentives & negotiations, corporate and personal tax consultation.

History & track record

LinVest has been involved in bringing more than $2 billion worth of international projects into the U.S. including large manufacturing investment projects such as Haier Group, Sun Fiber, Jushi Group, Keer Group, Giti Tire, AYGC Inc., Topolymer and TDC Tools. These investments have created more than 5000 jobs in the United States alone.

LinVest Consulting is founded by Mr. John Ling. Mr Ling has previously worked with the South Carolina Department of Commerce for 15 years. He later served as Managing Director of Investment for Georgia Department of Economic Development and as the President of the Council of American States in China.

He was sent to China by the South Carolina Department of Commerce to open the first U.S. state office in 2005, with the sole purpose of bringing Chinese manufacturing investment projects to the U.S.

John’s rich industry experience has the company focused on bridging the gap between U.S. and Chinese companies, helping Chinese enterprises enter into U.S. market successfully while providing consulting services such as strategic site selection, government relations, incentives negotiation, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and commercial and private real estate advisory services.

Why choose LinVest ?

We have a well tested and proven track record of success; helping companies start or expand with seed money or cross-border negotiations. We have created a formula for building or developing profitable businesses and business models.

  • 01 What is your track history?

    We have brought over $2 Billion worth of industrial projects and thousands of jobs between the US and the greater China region. We aid in multiple areas of the initiation process through the growth phase. Encompassing everything a business needs to thrive from start to finish. See case studies for more details.

  • We have worked with world renowned companies that are world leaders in their field including Haier Group, Sun Fiber, Jushi USA, Keer America, Giti Tire, AYGC Inc, ToPolymer and TDC Tools. See case studies for more details.

  • Over decades of work we have developed relationships in business and government to assist clients in the development of their project. We bring a formula for site selection and negotiations that set you apart from your competitors.


What we do

While our projects may cross over in many areas, our main focus lies in overall business development from seed to oak.

Business Development 100%
Site Selection 100%
Incentive Negotiations 100%
Government Relations 100%


Site Selection

Site information gathering and research, evaluation and screening, business environment analysis, cost and labor analysis

Government Relations

Policy information gathering and research, policy interpretation, application and approval processes, visa applications

Incentive Negotiations

Corporate and personal tax incentives, investment subsidies, energy incentives and price negotiation, technology and research collaboration.

Business Development

Collecting and researching projects, project evaluation, partniship selection and screening, fund raising, commercial and personal property.

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For more information about our business practices or companies we have worked with in the past, check out our case studies and media coverage.

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  • Case Studies
  • Media Coverage

John Ling - Financial Times


First Chinese Greenfield Investment Project 1999

Sentury Tire

Plans to produce 10M tires/year plus 1000 jobs

Jushi Group

World-leading manufacturer of fiber glass

Keer Group

$68.5 million phase 1 Investment plus 200 jobs

Greenfield Industries

Purchased by world's largest drill company

Giti Tire

Tire production in Richburg plant started 2017

JN Fibers

Spent $45M opening plastics recycling plus 300 jobs


Subsidary of Yuncheng, world's largest gravure printing manufacturer

John Ling's Trade Secrets

How Greenville man has brought 2200 jobs from China

Sun Fiber - $45 million - 318 jobs

Keer - $218 million - 501 jobs

Jushi - $400 million - 800 jobs

ToPolymer - $15 million - 70 jobs


Don't take our word for it, review our endorsements from former governors and secretaries' of commerce to CEO's of leading companies and manufacturers.

Mark Sanford

Former Governor of South Carolina

In having worked with John during my time as Governor, and in keeping in touch following those years, it remains evident that he is a true expert of his field. John's work to cultivate relationships within China have had a lasting impact on our state in terms of job creation, foreign direct investment, and export opportunities for South Carolina businesses. John and his team were part of the effort that brought over $1 billion investment projects into SC - and I would cite his professionalism, knowledge of the region, and hard work as reasons for such successes.

Bob Faith

former SC Secretary of Commerce & Chairman of Greystar

I have known John Ling for many years now since I served as Secretary of Commerce for the State of South Carolina from 2002 to 2006. While I was Secretary of Commerce, Governor Sanford and I prioritized building a presence in China for our state's economic development efforts. I asked John Ling to move to Shanghai and open our office there and the results were outstanding. We went from a minor player in China to one of the most well-known and successful state economic development operations in the country...

Bert Brantley

Chief Operation Officer - GA Dept. of Economic Development

We are proud of accomplishments and Chinese investments that came to Georgia during John's tenure. John's role was primarily FDI business development, using his contacts and relationships to determine which companies could potentially consider US investment and making sure Georgia was on their radar. In addition to his work with Georgia, John is a respected expert on US-China business relations.

Zhu Shanqing

Chairman of Keer Group Holdings

From the beginning as Keer considered going to America to invest over $200 million to build its production facility, Mr. John Ling was a critical resource in site selection. At the time of the search he was serving as the managing director of South Carolina China office. John has a profound understanding of both Chinese and American culture, as well as each countries business practices...


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